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Sage 50 - Quantum Manufacturing Edition (QME)

Manufacturing features powered by Manufacturing Information Systems (MISys - Small Business Manufacturing)

This integrated Sage 50 Quantum product solution powered by Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc (MISys, Inc.) is designed for manufacturers who need easy installation and setup, light customization, and industrial-strength capabilities at an affordable price point.  (Click here for an overview.)

We call it a "Champagne solution on a Beer budget!"

What's in QME:

  • Material Requirements Planning

  • Unlimited inventory locations

  • Automatic BOM back-flushing

  • Unlimited user-defined fields

  • Multi-currency purchasing

  • Inventory control of raw materials and WIP

  • 16-levels of bills of material

  • Physical inventory cycle counting

  • Production work order processing

MISys Small Business Manufacturing (MISys SBM) adds the functionality manufacturers demand without affecting the operation of Peachtree in any way. Simply put, MISys SBM turns Sage Peachtree Accounting into an industrial-strength manufacturing system.

When MISys SBM is deployed, Peachtree continues to manage all sales operations. However, all activities related to manufacturing (such as bills of material, production orders, WIP tracking, procurement, and raw materials inventory) are controlled by MISys SBM.

MISys SBM is modular, so you purchase only the functionality you need now. Start with the basic manufacturing capabilities and add modules for additional functionality as your needs grow:

Sales Inventory

In compliance with ISO standards and other best practices, MISys and Peachtree isolate the raw materials and finished goods from one another. MISys SBM deals entirely with building the things you sell; Peachtree with selling the things you build. When an item is produced in MISys SBM, the inventory of raw materials and other required components are removed from the manufacturing process. MISys SBM holds the finished item temporarily then transfers the proper quantity of the item to the Peachtree sales inventory. Most production control functions in MISys SBM have the ability to transfer the finished goods from manufacturing to sales.  In MISys SBM sales transfers are bi-directional, meaning that items can be transferred from manufacturing to sales, or backwards, from sales to manufacturing. The program has the ability to perform automatic stock transfers to distribute all finished goods as they are produced, or to replenish the sales inventory as needed.

Sales Order Entry

The sales order entry and sales inventory functions of Sage Peachtree Accounting help manage a company’s sales activities. For companies that build to specific sales orders, MISys SBM has the ability to create a production order that corresponds to one specific  sales order. For companies that build to a range of sales orders (such as all the orders received today), MISys SBM can analyze the range of orders, calculate the raw material demand, and create the required purchase orders and production orders so that customer ship dates are honored.


Although Peachtree has a purchasing subsystem designed to serve its sales distribution functions, MISys SBM has its own purchasing system designed to serve the advanced requirements of a manufacturing firm. A special PO invoicing function in MISys SBM will create a corresponding vendor bill in Peachtree Accounts Payable.


Many of the transfers you can make and operations you can perform in MISys SBM create manufacturing sub ledger journal entries that can be transferred to the Peachtree General Ledger at fiscal period end. By integrating MISys SBM seamlessly with Peachtree, your company financial statement will accurately reflect all the activities in your manufacturing operation.  MISys SBM was specifically designed to meet the needs of three types of manufacturing firms:

Make-to-Stock Manufacturers sell finished goods inventoried in the Peachtree Accounting system. MISys SBM senses when the Peachtree sales inventory falls below a prescribed Reorder Point, MISys SBM creates a production order for a quantity of finished goods necessary to return the sales inventory to the desired level. It executes the production order which simultaneously removes raw materials from the manufacturing inventory and transfers the finished good item to the Peachtree sales inventory.

Make-to-Order Manufacturers enter sales orders into Peachtree Order Entry for finished goods they have sold to their customers. Every day, MISys SBM retrieves the sales orders and creates a production order that corresponds to each sales order. It processes the production orders which build just enough stock from raw materials and sub-assemblies. Finally, MISys SBM automatically transfers the finished good item to the Peachtree sales inventory.

Custom Job Shops create custom orders for “one-off” products or variants of standard products. MISys SBM produces a sales quotation based on standard and provisional parts, then tracks inventory and costs throughout the production process. Ultimately, the custom product is transferred to Peachtree where the cost of goods sold is set based on the actual cost calculated by MISys SBM.

Remember we will always match any pricing you receive from Sage and sometimes our price is even lower.

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