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Sage Business Intelligence:
Bringing Your Accounting Data To Life In Microsoft Excel

Having accounting software indicates that you are collecting and maintaining data that is relevant to your business.  Most people don’t have the time necessary to transform this relevant data into a report that clearly displays information the way they need it.

Let us bring your accounting data to life in Microsoft Excel using Sage Business Intelligence.  If you have Sage 50 US Edition and Sage Business Intelligence on your system we can develop an appropriate BI report for your needs.

Sage Business Intelligence Samples can be viewed below:

Commission Reports
Commission On Paid Invoices
Calculates commission on paid invoices for a user specified date range based on a variable rate from the Employee Custom Field 5.  The report shows how many days a customer took to pay their invoice and to assist with collections the report also lists the unpaid invoices for each Sales Rep.

Commission - Item Details
This commission report shows item level detail and applies different commission rates based on Custom Field 5 in Employee record.

Commission On Profit - Detail Worksheet
Commission on Profit - Summary Worksheet
Commission on Profit report is displayed on two worksheets - Detail & Summary.  This Actual Item Cost is captured at the time of purchase and that specific cost is matched with the Sale Amount at the time of Invoice to generate an accurate profit. The commission is then calculated as $Profit x Commission Rate, which is stored in each Employee Record to allow each Sales Rep to be paid a different commission rate.

Commission on Sales
A Commission Rate stored in each Item Record allows a Rep to earn different commission amounts for different items.  Item level detail is displayed along with cost, price, and margin.

Commission - Variable with Customer Since
This report allows a user to input any commission % at report run time for "existing" or "new" customers based on Customer Since Date in Customer record.

Monthly Profit by Rep Sales and cost are pulled into this report and it also allows the user to manually input various expenses in order to attain Profit by Rep.

Sales Reports
Average Sales - Detail Worksheet
Average Sales - Summary Worksheet
Average Sales report is displayed on two worksheet - Detail & Summary.  The Detail worksheet shows #Units & $Dollars Sold by Item for each month of a user-defined Date Range. Qty on Hand is also shown. On the Summary worksheet, you can quickly determine how many months the current quantity on hand for each inventory item will last based upon the 3 month history of the Detail worksheet.

Sales by Rep
Sales by Item Type
This report packs a powerful punch with essentially two reports in one! The Sales by Rep worksheet shows Period over Period (as determined by completely flexible user-defined date ranges) #Unit & $Dollar Sales by Sales Rep and Item Category. The Sales by Item worksheet removes the Sales Rep and summarizes and compares Item Sales for any two periods as determined by the user. A customer field could be added to this report to give it one more dynamic if necessary.

Sales by Month
Item level detail is displayed on this report and grouped by Month and Year, with subtotals for each. Profit & Margin are calculated for each Item.

Sales Comparison
Compares #Sales and $Sales for any two user defined periods (weeks, months, years, etc).  Pivot table style report which allows quick and easy filtering and sorting any way you want it.

24 Month Rolling Sales
On-screen inputs will allow the report user to select a month and see previous 23 months of $Sales for an on-screen selected customer. Also displays graph of trend.

Sales by Month - by Customer
Unlimited date ranges are possible on this report. Each selected month becomes a dynamic column showing Sales by Customer.

Sales Profit by Month
Item Level profit is grouped by month based on an unlimited user-defined date range. Further grouped by Rep and customer.

Sales Order Reports
Back Orders
This report uses an exciting Excel feature (Slicers) to aid with Shipping Priority. There are Slicers at the top of the report that allow the user to isolate the orders that need to ship before exceeding their expected Ship By Date.

Back Orders by Row Due Date - using Job ID
This report allows the user to set a Ship By Date for each row of an Order, by entering the date as a Job ID. The report is then grouped and sorted by that “Due Date” and all line items from all open Sales Orders can be grouped and shipped according to their own specific Row Due Date. Now everything gets shipped on time!

Inventory Reports
Inventory Order Tool
This inventory ordering tool can be used to make quick, effective inventory replenishment decisions from critical data presented at your fingertips. Current SO, PO and QOH are factored in with minimum order quantities as well as average consumption rates based on a user defined date range. Inventory turnover and annualized sales are also displayed to make inventory management a streamlined and efficient task for the busy manager.

Sales by Month - by Item
Sales by item, neatly grouped by month based on an unlimited user-defined date range.

Job/Project Reports
Job Costing
You can display all Jobs or just one here. The header will show where the Job is and when it started, as well as the original contract amount and the amount billed to date. For each Phase you can see Actual vs Budget. Open PO Amount can be a large factor for Job Costing and this report displays that for you. There is also an “Expected Cost at Completion” field that takes into account Life-to-Date costs + Open PO Amounts to show what the total cost will be once the Job is complete.

Job Profitability - Detail View
Job Profitability - Summary View
Revenue & Expense details are displayed on the Detail worksheet. Labor Burden can be entered by the user to display a markup for all Employee hours worked against a Job/Phase. A Summary worksheet gives a nice Profitability rollup for all Jobs with a Balance to Bill field to alert the user to unbilled revenues.

Project Vision
A detailed and summarized view of all active jobs/projects. Summary includes budget vs actual data and the detail drills down to actual line item detail by category for each job, phase and cost code.

GL Postings by Job
Job Summary report that breaks out each GL account for revenue and expense monitoring.

Crystal Reports for Sage 50 Peachtree
Crystal Reports for Sage 50 US Edition:
Transforming Your Data into Meaningful Information

Use our Crystal Reports to make well-informed decisions about business-critical information, such as Sales Trends, potential Inventory Shortages, or one of the clever reports below.

Crystal Reports Samples can be viewed below:

Aging Reports
A/R by Sales Rep - Detail
A/R by Sales Rep - Summary
A/R over 45 days only
Days To Pay Invoices
Calculates how many days a customer takes to pay their invoices highlighting over 30 and over 60 days.

Commission on Profit
Shows all items sold by sales rep and reports on quantity sold, sales amount, cost, profit and profit percent.

Commissions Payable
Calculates commissions due to sales reps on commissionable sales using user input for the commission rate.

Paid Invoices by Sales Rep
Shows all items sold by sales rep and calculates commission due based on a fixed percent.

Variable Commission Rate by Sales Rep on Paid Invoices
Reports on paid invoices without freight and calculates commission due based on rate entered on sale rep record.

Client Work Ticket
Form that we use during our consulting visits. Becomes permanent record of work performed.

Invoice w/Discount
Shows amount to pay if customer pays within discount period according to your terms.

Merchandise Receipt
Form that allows you to make a hard copy of inventory receipts.

Quote Form
Form that can be exported to MS Excel.

Work Order
Form used to build assemblies in a manufacturing environment.

Inventory Reports
Inventory Activity
Shows all purchases, all sales, and all adjustments to a range or all inventory items during a period.

Inventory Life
Shows all purchases, all sales, and all adjustments to one inventory item.

Inventory Reorder Worksheet
Can be run in Summary to only show items that need to be ordered to fulfill Sales Orders or meet minimum stock levels.

Inventory Shelf Life
For each item set monthly sales quantity goals in Item Custom Field. This report compares those monthly sales goals to actual sales and categorizes each item as Fast Moving, Slow Moving or Non Moving.

Slow Moving Inventory
Unit sales vs. unit goal for any period of time. Report displays items below expectations and delivers the total value of items in stock that are below sales pace.

Job/Project Reports
Job Obligations
All Job Activity - Grouped by GL Acct. Also shows Job Totals including Total Labor as % to Revenue.

Select for Payment by Job Phase
Reports all unpaid payables by job phases.

Payroll Reports
Employee Compensation by Category
Payroll by Employee Type / Department during a period.

Workers Compensation Report by Employee Type
Workers Compensation report of Earnings by Employee Type.

Purchasing Reports
Disbursements by Check Number
All Checks sorted by check# during a user input Date Range.

Disbursements by GL
Groups disbursements by Category during a period.

Open PO Report
Open Purchase Orders by Expected Date
Purchase Orders grouped by the date the merchandise is expected to be received - uses your Good Through date.

Sales Reports
Customer Rating
Rates customers as A B C or D according to their total sales and paying habits.

Invoice Register by GL Acct#
Invoices with Item detail. Grouped by GL for a user input Date Range.

Item Sales (Products and Services) - By Month
Alphabetical List of Item Sales by Month (Quantity & $$s). Graphical display at end which shows Top 5 Sellers.

Item Sales (Products and Services) - By Customer (Summary View)
Largest to Smallest Customer based on Total Sales during a user input Date Range.  Graph at end of Top 5 Customers.

Item Sales (Products and Services) - By Customer (Detail View)
Same report as above. Illustrates the Drill-Down capability to see Invoice Detail.

Item Sales (Products and Services) - By Item (Summary View)
Fastest-Moving Items to Slowest-Moving Items. Graphical display at end shows Top 10 Sellers.

Item Sales (Products and Services) - By Item (Detail View)
Same report as above. Illustrates the Drill-Down capability to see Invoice Detail.

Items Sold to Customers with Sales Price
Run for just one customer to see what price was charged in the past for each item.

Products Sold to Customers by Sales Rep
Reports on sales for the current month, year to date, and last year.

Sales Comparison by Period
Compares sales from any two periods and shows $ difference and % difference for each customer and sales rep.

Sales Comparison by Period - Automatic Alert report
Pops up all Customers that have had declining sales from one period to the next.

Sales Trend - Products by Sales Rep and Customer
Can be formatted to show several years.

Product Sales of Items Supplied by a Particular Supplier/Vendor
This report allows the user to enter a vendor & all the sales of the items from that vendor are displayed. It shows quantities sold, when, which customers bought them, and where they were shipped to.

Sales Order Reports
Backorders by Sales Rep
Backorder Fulfillment
Matches received items on a purchase order with open sales orders for those items.

Late Orders
Identifies sales orders not shipped by the expected ship date and reports how many days late with exceptions in red.

Open Orders
Orders by Sales Rep
Groups all Orders during a period by Sales Rep.

If none of the above samples meet your needs click here for our Detail Report Request and fax to 214-445-0791 or email to Dave@PhaseOneComputing.com